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Your indefinite and filled leisure time

Discover the Engadine valley in all its diversity. There are countless possibilities to enjoy your holidays.

In summer and in winter there are many hiking trails over Corviglia, the local mountain of St. Moritz, along beautiful lakes or to the Moderatsch glacier.

For the best panorama, take the gondola to the 3,100 meter high Corvatsch. From here, you can walk another 160 meters to the summit. Try typical Engadine dishes and a glass of wine in the restaurant while enjoying the wonderful view of the mountains.

In winter, you can have a hugh fun on the 300 km of Engadine slopes. Everyone, from beginner to professional comes to their own expense. Try the ‚Audi Run’ – Slope on Corviglia and see if you can keep up with the times of the 2017 World Championship riders.

Another adventure is the trip with the guest bob on the Olympic track from St. Moritz to Celerina. A professional driver, brakeman, and you form a team. After a short introduction, you ride with almost 100 km/h through the ice channel. Through several curves, such as the Horseshoe with 180 degrees, enormous G – forces act, so not for the faint of heart. After about 90 seconds, you reach the finish line and even if this seems short, you will keep this 90 secondes in memory.

There are also many spas and wellness facilities in our valley. Long before skiing became a sport in Switzerland, distinguished people came to this region for a cure. The mineral bath Samedan, 3 minutes’ walk from the hotel, made headlines as the “vertical”. Enjoy in memory of Roman bathing rituals. The private spring, rich in calcium, fills five pools and steam baths on three floors for relaxing baths. If you have reached the warm rooftop pool under the church with mountain views, you will most likely want to start all over again.

For all romantics, we recommend a visit on Muottas Murgal. The mountain, which can be seen from almost every room of the hotel, is probably one of the most spectacular places to be found here. The unique view of the villages and lakes of the valley stays in memory. Stroll along the Philosophers’ Trail at 2400m, then recharge with a coffee in the midday sun on a terrace, or meet up with friends for aperitif at sunset.


Our reception team is always at your side to put together the perfect activity plan for you.

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