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Born to be wild Hotel Bernina 1865

Hotel in Samedan, Switzerland
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Born to be wild

Biker tours in the heart of the Engadin

Born to b e wild – the myth of motorcycling par excellence, which immediately sees a cool guy in leather jacket cruising by with accompanied with a loud howling noise of the motors. Motorcycling is cool! Almost every man drives a motorbike or dreams of owning one. Motorcycles are an expression of coolness, rebellion, and ineptitude for everyday life. There are lots of  famous men who embody this image of the cool guy riding a motorcycle: Marlon Brando, James Dean, Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen just to mention a few. They all stand for the yearning to escape the sterile uniforms and work constraints. Freedom and purely into the adventure – is the thought behind the wish to go on a ride. A longing that exists  since succumbed to women as well: an indescribably boundless freedom, on Route 66, for example, or along the Italian serpentines, the coasts of southern Europe – from the Algarve to the Cote d’azur – or even through the picturesque landscape of the Swiss Alps, the beautiful roads along Engadine Valley!


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