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So close to the clouds

Hiking in the Engadin, in Graubünden, on the southern side of the Alps and everywhere in the region around Samedan and St. Moritz.

So close to the clouds!

Away from the hustle and bustle, you can experience the impressive nature of the Engadine mountains. Located on the “roof of Europe”, the Upper Engadine experiences about 322 sunny days per year. With very pleasant climate and high snow reliability in winter, the mountains can be impressively enjoyed even outside the snowy season. And that on about 580 km of hiking trails. Thus, the Upper Engadine offers ample choice – from relaxed hikes to ambitious trekking tours. Samedan has also become the base for many mountaineers.

What is the difference between hiking, hiking and trekking?

The fashionable word “hiking” is – if you like – hiking in English and describes almost the same thing. This refers to one-day tours on which the destination is reached on the same day or you return to the starting point.

Trekking or long-distance hiking are multi-day tours, whereby you stay overnight along the route. Trekking tours are more demanding because endurance is required here. In addition, trekking tours are often conducted along hard to reach and remote areas.

Hiking to trekking around Samedan and to the Piz Bernina

Around the village of Samedan runs the nature trail La Senda with more than 30 stations. Past terraced fields, which are also among the oldest agricultural areas in Switzerland, and beautiful meadows to the edge of the forest. Between larch treetops you can discover a walkable bird’s nest and look at the world from a bird’s eye view. In the further course you can refresh your knowledge about special species of animals and flowers and learn interesting facts about avalanches and much more. Back to the village, after a total of 2.5 hours, you can still experience the Romance language, old legends and many diligent work animals in flora, fauna and in the wax factory! Hikers who want to take it easy, come here in any case at their expense!

If you go out of Samedan, there are wonderful day trips. The idyllic mountain lake hike as a mirror of the Engadine mountains, summit tours or enjoyment hikes, where you are not only in harmony with the unique nature, but also immerse yourself in the Engadine way of life. Guided by a local, knowledgeable hiking guide, like-minded people can learn exciting things about the mountains and hike 3-6 hours without worries.

But ambitious hikers can also enjoy impressive multi-day or trekking tours. To the Piz Bernina or better, to the whole Bernina group one can experience on foot an exceptionally beautiful landscape and three cultural areas, from the high valley of the Romisch speaking Switzerland to the Val Poschiavo, a valley isolated and separated from the other Svizzera Italiana.

Samedan is also the stage stop of the Via Engiadina, a ten-day hike through the whole Engadine. The historic trekking tour takes hikers through the Lower Engadine in 6 stages on the sunny side. You will cross other charming villages with their typical Engadin houses, such as the sgraffito-rich Planta House, which today is a museum of patrician home decor. Even if the tour is advertised as moderate, one traverses continuous track with some steep terrain.

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