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Hôtel luxe à Samedan, Suisse
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Affascinante e potente stagione invernale 2018/2019
Coppa del Mondo di sci AUDI-FIS St. Moritz - Un caloroso benvenuto a tutti gli ospiti per l'apertura stagionale, per gl...
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Lettura di Arno Camenisch con accompagnamento musicale
defévrier 23, 2019àfévrier 23, 2019
Arno Camenisch è anche definito un “musicista scrittore” dai suoi lettori, che per la seconda volta sarà presente all’Ho...
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Hiking on historical routes
Did you know that you can hike and walk on sunny routes in Engadine? No?Be surprised of the beautiful  landscape...
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So close to the clouds
So close to the clouds! Away from the hustle and bustle, you can experience the impressive nature of the Engadine mou...
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How to pack your mountain bag properly
The mountain always in the few. Equipment, routes and the guide through your adventures including the best stay overs on...
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La autentica cucina italiana en Engadina
Cucina italiana al Piz Bernina: una vera delizia della cucina italiana in Engadina. All'Hotel Bernina 1865 le delizie cu...
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Traditional routes of Grand Hotel Bernina 1865
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Behind the scenes in Bernina 1865 kitchen
10 Questions to New Chef Giuseppe Carboni
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Christmas in Italy is different
dedécembre 31, 2018àjanvier 1, 2019
Everything about differences, customs and mores in celebrating Christmas holidays in comparison to Northern European c...
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Natural Italian
Per coloro che vivono a nord delle Alpi, è naturale collegare gli italiani e tutti i paesi mediterranei all’idea di...
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Art Summer at the Kaisersaal
deaoût 26, 2018àoctobre 31, 2018
We look forward to three months of art exhibition by an Enagdine artist at the Kaisersaal of the hotel. Sils-based...
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Saint Valentine's Day: Love Travels with Romantic Program at Hotel Bernina 1865
For last-minute travelers who want to enjoy togetherness and the sunny Engadine on an outgoing weekend. Invite your be...
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Sorpresa dell’arte nell’ estate
deaoût 26, 2018àoctobre 31, 2018
Il highlight di Art Summer nel Bernina 1865 è la mostra Madlaina Fontana im Kaisersaal - ritratto e ispirazione impres...
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